COTFG presents Slant Ensemble, Las Raras, and Ricardo Acevedo

Thursday, August 17

Church of the Friendly Ghost presents an evening of performances and screenings on Thursday, August 18th, 7:30-9:30 PM. This multimedia event at ICOSA's new gallery in the Canopy complex will include: 

Slant Ensemble (Austin, TX)

Camille Schiess, violin
Ruben Balboa, viola
Damian García, piano
Taylor Turner, bass
Andy Beaudoin, drums

Alan Retamozo, composer/guitarist
Seetha Shivaswamy, flute
Jillian Kouzel, oboe
Nick Brown, clarinet
Christabel Lin, violin

Slant Ensemble is a diverse collective of Austin musicians featuring new works by composer Alan Retamozo. Drawing from musical backgrounds including classical, jazz, bluegrass, and free improvisation, the ensemble explores new musical and expressive terrain through a dynamic interplay of improvisation, composed material, graphic notation, extended techniques, and conducted interaction. The pieces written for our August 16th concert address aspects of contemporary experience including: media oversaturation, political violence, consumerism, the power of personal bonds, and the struggle to continually claim one’s humanity.

Las Raras (Jeanelle Ramirez and Ana Maria Morales)

Live electronic music performance featuring visual work by artist Ana Maria Morales (15 min).

Ricardo Acevedo

TENDON (15 min): a surreal Jungian journey of self exploration. TENDON is a video collage drawing from footage shot over the last 25 years in Austin and Arizona. Juxtaposing live motion footage with direct feedback, TENDON seeks to change the viewers point of perspective on the subject matter and assumptions of depth and story.

Ricardo Acevedo is a multi-disciplinary artist (visual artist, musician, writer) based in Austin, TX. He has studied, worked, and performed in the arts for over 40 years in Southern California, San Francisco and Arizona. Presently he is working on finishing up a new collection of prose entitled “Malo”, multiple recording projects, and new social political visual art that blurs beauty, drama and consciousness.

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