Window Dressing: Miranda Terry

Window Dressing Miranda Terry promo image.jpg

Reversed Intentions

Miranda Terry

Artist Reception: Friday, September 20, 7-9pm
Exhibition on view 24 hours a day September 16 through 21

ICOSA Collective is pleased to announce our next installment of Window Dressing, a project space located in the front window of ICOSA Gallery at the Canopy Arts Complex.

I pick up an object whose intended purpose has failed, and I say “No.”

Building these objects, I manipulate surfaces and materials in a tangible way while considering the intangible qualities of memory, resourcefulness, and function. I am interested in how the material lineage of seemingly inconsequential objects can converge into larger wholes that both reference and redefine our collective experience. My paintings and objects explore the tension between interdependence and autonomy.

—Miranda Terry

Window Dressing highlights the work of emerging, local, and underrepresented artists with short-run shows on view while the main gallery is closed for installation. Window Dressing artists will explore the potential of our storefront window space, experimenting with the possibilities of limitation.