Bits & Pieces


October 1 – 29, 2016

A two-person exhibition featuring new works by artists Brooke Gassiot and Jonas Criscoe. Through video, mixed media installation and collage, both artists explore how varying materials, techniques, and media can come together to form a whole.

In her current series of light boxes, Brooke Gassiot layers various materials in a deep wooden box with an internal light source. It is by illumination that the works reveal their multi-faceted characters as forms appear, change and disappear. The light and shadow dictates the significance within the composition as well as reveals the internal realm of the box — a miniature constructed space to peer into.

Artist, Jonas Criscoe’s mixed media assemblages explore nature’s ability to reclaim the spaces and objects that we abandon. Utilizing various scavenged materials and appropriated imagery, Criscoe mimics the effects that wear and exposure have on materials; imparting a sense of history and nostalgia through the worn surfaces of his work.