Checked Out


August 18 - September 16, 2017

Offering various attempts to break your sensory deprivation and cool you down with slip away thoughts, Bug Davidson and Amanda McInerney presented Checked Out: a two person exhibition with special guest performances at ICOSA Collective Gallery. These artists engaged sorrow from various points of view vis à vis the personal and familial specter of death, to the global environmental and species loss as the temperature of the planet rises. The work offered slight reminders but mostly respite, a place to dip into the cooling purgatory of releasing demanding ideas to float by on a hot summer night. Stay as long as you like. Checked Out, a multidisciplinary show included video, sculpture, photography, performance and installation.

The Regret Collection is a series of ephemeral sculptures that materialize, document and accumulate the Artist’s regrets. Evidenced through orderly paper documents, the Collection spans the personal to the political, addressing everything from not calling home often enough, to global warming.

Crying (All) Over You, an emotional stalemate, a loop of feeling that counters the typical notion that sorrow and anger should be a temporary state. Circular tears will flow, like a disco ball spins. Guests are invited to bring an image to leave at the altar. What will you never get over?

Bug Davidson is a motion image artist and film director interested in communicating through visual language intersections of media & representation, social corporeal choreography, acousmata & action, and the enchantment of cinematic gesture.

Amanda Linn McInerney is a Texas-based visual artist, printmaker and homebrewer. She is one of the co-founders of Artist Screen Printing Cooperative where she teaches screen printing. She has contributed to and shown work with artist nonprofits and mentoring programs like the Women Printmakers of Austin, Chula League and The Contemporary Austin. Her work is inspired by mortality, how different cultures process loss and how it affects the decisions we make in life. She received her BFA from Iowa State University.

Coe Lapossy’s work looks at how popular culture gets into your heart, your mind, and changes you. She received her MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Tufts University. Her current projects look at stories taken from the movies, High Spirits, Prelude To A Kiss, and The Last Unicorn, all three focus on telling the story of romantic love outside the confines and limits of the human body. These subversively queer stories are reinterpreted with a new cast of characters, through painting, performance, and sculpture.

Courtney McClellan is an artist and writer from Greensboro, N.C. Her work exists at the intersection of sculpture, performance and writing. From 2013-2014, she was the Fountainhead Fellow in the Sculpture and Extended Media Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, and from 2015-2017, she was the Sculpture Fellow at the University of Georgia. Currently, she is the Visiting Assistant Professor in Sculpture at UGA. She lives in Atlanta, G.A.